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Yellow is the happiest colour

It’s all about the colour yellow at the moment. We’re looking forward to the sun shining more, the daffodils being out in number and lambs bouncing around in the fields. Yellow sits between orange and green on the spectrum of visible light and for us, that’s a pretty cool place to hang out. It is the brightest colour we can see and the one that attracts attention more than any other colour – so one to avoid for those about to embark on a top-secret mission! Yellow represents fun, sunshine, hope, youth and joy; and, according to a recent survey, it is the colour that 70% of Brits associate with happiness. If you were dubious at the start about a blog post dedicated to the colour yellow, we hope by now that you are already scanning for ways to add more yellow into your life.

Seven ways you can add more yellow to your life:

1)     Lemons – get slicing and add to water for an extra zing in the morning!

2)     Bananas – our favourite go to energy-boosting snack. Slice them on porridge, add them to smoothies or bake them and drizzle them with dark chocolate.

3)     Eggs – packed full of protein, vitamins and minerals; versatile for any meal whether breakfast, lunch or tea, and definite fast food done properly. Poached eggs are our absolute fave.

4)     Pineapple – fresh or tinned we’re not precious. Chuck it in a smoothie, have it as a snack or dessert. Delicious and simple.

5)     Cheese – ok ok limit it to a 30g portion but don’t forget that it is full of protein, calcium, vitamin A and B12.

6)     Custard – you can make a low-fat version with skimmed milk and sweetener but totally worth it. A mood boost without the fat and sugar.

7)     Grapefruit –we have two top tips with grapefruit: 1) You will feel healthier by merely putting one in your shopping basket and 2) get one of those special grapefruit spoons – you need one in your life.

There you have it, our top 7 ways to get more yellow onto your plate! #eathappy

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