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Frequently asked questions

We understand that you may feel nervous about booking a session. If there is a question that you would like to ask, or anything we can do to put you at ease, please use the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Q) What happens at the first telephone appointment?

A) We get asked this a lot! Usually, we spend 20-30 minutes talking about your issues and how we could work together to address them. It is really important that you feel ready to take the next step so we will never ask you to book an appointment on the telephone call. You can take some time to have a think and make sure that we are the right people to support you.


Q) Where do we meet for an outdoors therapy session?

​A) We arrange a time and place to meet that is near the start of our walk. There are toilets and a café nearby. We use several different routes and will always walk at a pace to suit you.


Q) What happens if the weather is bad?

A)  We will always check the weather before we set out and if extreme weather conditions are likely, we will move your session to take place indoors, or reschedule it for another time.


Q) What should I wear?

A) It is a good idea to dress appropriate clothing - wellies, walking shoes or sturdy trainers. We recommend an umbrella as this way even if it rains, we can still hear each other and stay dry.

If the weather is colder, bring a coat, hat or gloves if you need them. In the summer time, it's a good idea to put suncream on prior to your session and bring a drink with you.


Q) How often will we have sessions?

A) To start with we usually have sessions every week. As you learn different strategies and techniques, we may leave longer (most clients find fortnightly the right balance) in between so that you have time to put them in to practice.

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