The creation of OutdoorCure has been the amalgamation of over 20 years experience as a Chartered Psychologist and my personal experience from the other side of the desk, after suffering a life-threatening illness in 2012.​
Claire Hadfield Chartered Psychologist
I have always been a passionate, enthusiastic and highly motivated person, always doing my best to live life as an adventure. In much the same vein, I am fascinated by people - how we function, how we react and how we relate to each other.

This meant that it was a natural progression for me to pursue a career in psychology. I chose to specialise in coaching as I had a strong desire to empower people, to help them find their purpose, maximise their potential and have the ability to be resilient during difficult times.
In 2012 I suffered a serious life-threatening event: a burst aneurysm causing a subarachnoid hemorrhage with hydrocephalus as a complication. Life as I knew it was never going to be the same. I was one of the ‘lucky’ ones as I had survived but at the time I did not feel so lucky.
I returned to work as a psychologist. I endured daily chronic pain and I was hindered by many limitations. I felt as if I was just getting through the day, rather than living. To outsiders I appeared to be recovered and living a successful life but I had changed as a person. I wanted to live life as an adventure again and to wake up to a world full of possibilities rather than one full of obstacles to overcome or endure.

So I decided to coach myself to achieve this!
My approach of “Think Different, Think Simple” gave birth to OutdoorCure,
and has formed the basis of all the packages that we offer.

My experience led to me writing a book 'The Other Side of The Desk' which
is a great starting point for anyone who wants to explore their own 
recovery journey. I've included some resources and worksheets to help
you reflect on moving forward after a life changing event. One of my 
clients even told me how much these resources had helped her after her

Claire Hadfield
Chartered Psychologist