'Let the Outdoors be thy Medicine'

We help you get your life back on track


'Off the Couch'

Walk and Talk Therapy Services



It has been proven that direct encounters with the natural outdoor world encourage positive mental and physical health.

OutdoorCure provides ‘off the couch’ psychological support, coaching and therapy, against the beautiful backdrop of the Staffordshire outdoors.


We are passionate about empowering people to use the benefits of the great outdoors while learning techniques for a healthier mindset.

Cannock Chase

Therapy and Coaching 

Through therapy and coaching, OutdoorCure offers 'psychological rehabilitation' to those who have gone through a life-changing injury, illness or incident. This programme has been specifically designed to help you rebuild your life.


Overwhelmed - frazzled - by the stressors of life? Our 'Mindset Reset' coaching package gives you the space to turn the constant 'noise of life' down, refocus and gain control. 


As Vocational Rehabilitation specialists we work with you to develop a 'Return to Work Plan' identifying what adjustments are needed to support you back into your job role.