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The image shows trees with light shining through the treetops. The angle is that of if you were looking up into the trees.

About OutdoorCure

 Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or unsure about where life is heading?

These feelings can happen at any point in your live. It might be that a life changing event, illness or accident has changed your life. You might simply feel a little lost and lacking in energy to do things due to burnout, anxiety or depression.

Have you tried counselling before and are now looking for a different approach to help you move forwards?

We can help you with that. At OutdoorCure we take a different approach and use a coaching style therapy. Our sessions take place in the beautiful Staffordshire outdoors setting of Cannock Chase. We are passionate about using the benefits of the great outdoors alongside our expertise in helping you to move forward with your life, find your purpose again and develop strategies to help you deal with life's ups and downs.

OutdoorCure have been providing therapy outdoors since 2016 and are experts in this area. If you would like to find out more about our services, you can book a free no obligation telephone appointment.

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