Are you off sick or looking for employment following illness, stress or an injury? 

Looking to return to your job but unsure what support you will need in work?

Are you looking to reintegrate an employee back into work?

Natural Waterfall

Before you return to work, it is important to consider how and when you will return and what changes need to be made to make it safe for you to do so.​  As Vocational Rehabilitation specialists, we will work with you and your employer to develop a 'Return to Work Plan' that will take into account a wide range of factors. It will include any workplace adjustments necessary to support you in your job role and work environment.

Creating your Return to Work Plan may include:

  • Identifying reasonable adjustments (to support your return to work).

  • A functional assessment of your cognitive capabilities, using a range of psychometric assessments and work trial exercises.

  • Discussing potential changes to working times or shifts.

  • Planning a gradual and manageable return to work to allow you to re-adjust to full attendance.

  • Discussing how your return to work plan will be both supported and reviewed by your employer.

The importance of a carefully thought-out 'Return to Work Plan' cannot be underestimated. It can prevent returning to work too soon after an illness. It can also provide you with a sense of security that your needs are being considered and that there is a process in place to manage your return to work. This reduces feelings of isolation and uncertainty, which can have a negative effect on both your recovery and your effectiveness at work. 

Our Occupational Psychologist can also assist you to identify a job or career which provides a good fit for you and then help you to create a specific personal action plan which will assist you to achieve your employment goals.