"Sad, but very true - resources within NHS simply do not cater for psychological support after critical or life-changing Illness. I was so fortunate to access expert support & strategies at OutdoorCure. Claire is truly inspirational" -  Craig, former client

This support has been specifically designed to help
people who have gone through a life-changing injury, illness
or incident. This could be an illness, divorce or bereavement - no matter what the cause, life as you know it, ceases to exist. We can provide you with the resources to rebuild your life, gaining purpose, meaning and freedom.
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'You must learn a new way to think, before you can master a new way to be'   - Marianne Williamson​
Our therapy introduces you to the 3 'R's': 
1. Reflect - Gives you a safe place to explore the impact of your illness, injury or incident.
2. Reconnect - Identify who you are now and how this fits with your family, friends and work-life balance. 
3. Redirect - Your newly discovered self-knowledge allows you to make plans for the future.
This tailored support consists of six fortnightly meetings in a natural outdoor setting. You can expect to gain a more detailed level of self-awareness, enabling you to understand and accept what has happened in your life; a new outlook to move forward; and a range of new skills to improve your psychological wellbeing.
We have found that many people are discharged from hospital or medical services without psychological support or guidance. It is at this point that the hard work really begins. That is why, we believe that psychological support is vital to your recovery. The process of integrating back into day-to-day living is not a simple or quick process and can be a very challenging time. You may find this is made worse by your own and other people’s expectations of how you were before, and the idea that you should be 'back to normal'. We help you manage this process in a way that avoids the many pitfalls that may hinder your journey.