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Would you like to calm your noisy mind?

‘Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges’ (Bryant McGill)

Top Tips on Letting Calm Into Your Life.

Sometimes when the world seems chaotic and out of control, here at OutdoorCure HQ, we pay extra attention to bringing calm into our lives. Yep – extra attention and yep we need to pay extra attention to it. The reason being, it’s easy to feel very overwhelmed when all around us is chaotic and it’s a slippery slope. Once we start sliding down the helter skelter, it can be hard to stop unless we actively remember to, and actually press pause. This is where bringing in the calm helps. It’s good to know what makes you feel calm and how you can do more of it without putting yourself under additional stress or pressure. We were chatting about the idea of feeling calm and realised it’s a lot harder to cite how feeling calm feels physically in our body than it is to describe the effects feeling stressed has on our body! With this in mind, make sure you pay attention to your body next time you are calm. Notice how it feels.

The OutdoorCure Guide to Bringing in the Calm

1) Set yourself realistic limits. We tend to think we should be able to do everything with a superhuman strength and feel a failure if we don’t or can’t. Reflect on the time pressures you put on yourself weekly or even daily. Plan your day, let things go and don’t forget that very important word… No!

2) Ensure your environment is calm. If this is impossible in all rooms at the very least ensure your bedroom is. Declutter, use colours, fragrances and textures that you find relaxing and soothing.

3) Be 10 minutes early. It truly is amazing how much stress we can put ourselves under by running late. Plan the night before, don’t try and fit in an extra task before you leave and allow time. Make it your mission this week to un-late yourself 😊

4) Ask instead of guess. This is a game changer if you are an overthinker. The amount of cognitive and emotional resources you will save by changing your communication is significant.

5) Switch off daily: put your phone down, turn the notifications off and simply be in the moment in whatever you choose to do. This can take practice if you’re a multitasker but it really does slow you down and bring you right into the present moment.

6) Mini retreat – we’re not talking a long weekend away, just know and do what works for you. An afternoon in the countryside, a reading session or a catch up with an old friend. Whatever brings you calm, plan in to your week. It is just as important as that huge task list.

7) Have a calming phrase or mantra. One that resonates with you and it doesn’t matter if it feels silly, you don’t have to share it. When life feels chaotic, say it to yourself and find that calm.

Here’s to a calmer week OutdoorCurers! x

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