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Would you like to have more green space inside?

‘In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect’ (Alice Walker) The OutdoorCure Guide to Bringing the Outdoors Inside.

This week, us folks at OutdoorCure HQ have been having some very interesting conversations about bringing the outdoors inside. While we are very fond of wrapping up, weather proofing and just getting outdoors regardless we often find that it is just too cold and wet to spend prolonged periods of time outside. So… to enhance our wellbeing and energy we have been talking about our favourite ways to have the best of both worlds. There are many benefits of bringing the outdoors indoors: relaxation, a positive mood and feelings of warmth to name just a few. So, if like us, it’s time to get on your project hats and start creating a sense of the great outdoors in your own home or indeed office, then read our top tips below:

The OutdoorCure Guide to Making Nature at Home in Your Home

1) Make the most of natural light and air – yep a simple but essential reminder. Don’t block your windows, open your curtains and blinds every day and get your windows open so fresh air can circulate.

2) It’s all too easy to say fill your house with plants and flowers, but if you really do love filling your space with greenery, consider a green wall. A living, breathing wall of plants and flowers as a feature really does bring that evoke that sense of nature indoors.

3) Have an indoors picnic! Was it the Famous Five who said food tastes so much better outdoors? Well, we agree but a picnic tastes just as good indoors – trust us we’ve had a lot of practice!

4) Using natural materials and colours in your home brings a huge sense of calm to your environment. Do some research with what works for you and plan a decorating project.

5) Who said trees are just for outdoors? A potted tree can make a quirky and peaceful addition to any space. Just make sure your chosen tree is one that will survive indoors.

6) Get creative and do a nature collage – it could be themed by feature or season but you’ll get a double hit of positivity on this one – from the creativity and the visual!

7) Do you have a favourite photo you’ve taken outside in nature? It could be the light coming through the trees or dancing off water… whatever it is consider getting it printed on canvas and up on your wall to evoke that sense of wonder you felt when you were in that moment.

Join us on our outdoors indoors project!

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