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“When You Work from Home There is No Such Thing as a Holiday” - Wellbeing Working from home.

Given the current COVID-19 situation, people across the world are in a position where they can work from home. On the face of it, working from home can seem like a luxury… no more lengthy commutes or rushing to get ready in the morning, coffee breaks when you want and maybe you can hammer through some never-ending household tasks if needed. On the flipside, how will you switch off at the end of the day if your home is now your office? Will the lines between work and home become blurred, and what impact will this have on your stress levels? At OutdoorCure we specialise in wellbeing in the workplace and decided to put together some “rules” for working from home for our team. We decided to share them with our clients and readers – so feel free to share them, read them, copy them, stick them up in your kitchen but most of all ensure your wellbeing is not affected by working from home and that you can establish a productive and healthy work environment.

The OutdoorCure 7 Home Rules of the Home Office:

1) Start the day with movement – whether this is an indoors exercise routine, a quick walk round the block or a half hour run, get moving. You will give your wellbeing a boost and pave the way for an efficient and productive working day.

2) Get dressed! As tempting as it is to rock around in your pyjamas or animal onesie all day, we absolutely promise you that getting clean and dressed (it doesn’t have to be office wear!) will help you to feel more focused and prepared to face the day’s tasks.

3) Set a schedule or routine and stick to it. This will help you to manage your time and ensure essential tasks are completed. Working from home can mean you run the risk of working late into the evening. Plan your day!

4) Schedule in breaks. This is even more important when you are working from home. Take a proper lunch break and if you can fit in a quick walk or take your lunch outside do it. You will feel more refreshed and be able to focus on the afternoon’s work without cabin fever setting in!

5) Stay organised. At the end of your working day, tidy things away and write your ‘to do’ list for the next day. This way you will switch off from your day effectively and be able to start your morning ready to go!

6) Stay focused. Limit social media browsing, online shopping or random internet searches. We all know, if you slip down the rabbit hole you can emerge four hours later without even realising it.

7) Switch off work and switch on to you. Shut down your working day and spend some time doing the things you love, spending time connecting (even if it’s just via the phone) with the people you love.

Share them with your friends and family who are working from home!

The OutdoorCure Team x

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