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Wellbeing: How to Find the Forgotten Wonder of the Workplace. An OutdoorCure Guide for Employers

Despite the many positives of encouraging wellbeing in the workplace, a compassionate and positive environment can be very difficult to develop and sustain. Studies have shown numerous benefits in focusing on the wellbeing of staff and it has become a primary focus of many companies. If you develop and support a positive, compassionate and resilient workforce, you will start to see the benefits very quickly - staff retention is easier, staff absence is reduced and productivity – whatever your business – with increase. Wellbeing is very clearly a winning way to work! Believe it or not, even with the many advantages that a focus on wellbeing has to offer, it can be met with some resistance at first.

OutdoorCure are specialists in vocational support and rehabilitation so have handy guide below to help you to start the process.

The OutdoorCure Guide to the Wonder of Workplace Wellbeing:

1) Give your staff the tools to nurture their own sense of wellbeing. If you already have training packages that you can offer, make sure they are give the time for learning. If not, have a look around at our site and contact us about our ‘Kind Mind’ Workplace wellbeing course.

2) Think outside the box – can your meeting be taken outside? You might be met with some eye rolls at first but it has been proven that we are at our most creative and focused when we are moving around and outside.

3) Focus on personal development. Create an environment where staff want to learn and develop. They will be more invested in themselves and their work if they can see movement and progression in their own learning. This learning could be work related or could be something they want to do outside work. Encourage those conversations to take place.

4) Let staff set their own goals and strategies. If you build a more self-aware workforce, this one has many benefits – staff will feel more fulfilled and motivated. Our coaching packages can help with this. Make sure you review how this is going.

5) Let more natural light into your office. This one might seem frivolous but studies have shown it pays off, increasing wellbeing, happiness and even job performance. Remove large objects that are by windows, look at office layout - can you get more seating by a window?

6) Promote an environment that encourages friendships in the workplace. This will help create a sense of community, team and belonging. These are massive factors in improving wellbeing on a personal level.

7) Give authentic and real recognition and praise. So often the focus is on targets, workload and doing things ‘better’ that we forget to give recognition for a job well done. This helps staff feel valued and increases motivation.

Start some conversations in your workplace today! Flex your wellbeing muscles and let us know how you get on.

The OutdoorCure Team x

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