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To De(tox) or not to de(tox) that is the question – detox without the deprivation.

It is that time of year where New Year’s resolutions are a dim distant memory. If you had a resolution about eating healthier or losing weight, chances are you fell off the wagon, or into the biscuit tin, months ago. However, with Easter just around the corner, it is also that time of year where we often return to those faded resolutions, blow the dust off them and start to think about what we can do differently. It is also that time of year where detox becomes a buzz word, and numerous articles or magazines promise a detox that will reset your dietary habits and leave you glowing as the toxins disperse prettily into the air.

At OutdoorCure, we have, like most people, tried a detox and often the best bit about it has been a good old retox at the end, which we are not sure is entirely the point. This often leads to feelings of failure and any weight that was lost is very quickly regained.

If you are reading this and nodding like the Churchill dog in agreement, you might want to check out our 7 detox steals that you can pop into your week without feeling too deprived and start to get into new and different habits.

7 realistic detox habits to get into:

1) Detox your snacks! Have them pre-prepared and to hand so they are easy to grab when the cravings kick in. Think fresh berries, unsalted nuts or anything else that steers clear of refined sugar. If you are absolutely desperate for a sweet treat – why not try a medjool date, pitted, with a tiny blob of almond butter? This has long time been a favourite of ours.

2) Drink like you are detoxing. Reduce your caffeine intake – why not start by just switching one of your daily coffee or teas for an alternative. There are some great herbal tea flavours out there and you know how we love trying new things! Or, try a slice of lemon or cucumber in your water to encourage you to drink more.

3) Detox your breakfast habits. If you find you are short of time in the morning, make it the night before. It really does take a matter of minutes to knock up some overnight oats and they will keep hunger at bay all morning. Our ‘go to’ recipe is quite simply – 1 banana, 1 big teaspoon of peanut butter and another of cacao powder, mash it all together, add 40g of oats and cover with any milk or milk alternative. Stir. Cover and keep in the fridge overnight.

4) Detox the evening snacking – again, having healthy snacks to hand helps but also ask yourself some questions before you step into the kitchen. Are you eating because you are bored, stressed, emotional? If yes, is there anything else you can do instead?

5) Detox your sleep habits – if you have had a bad night’s sleep and are tired the next day you will be more inclined to reach for the sugary snacks or load yourself up with convenient carbs. You can read our sleep tips here

6) Make time for a digital detox. You can do this while you are at home or away with a partner or friend. The benefits of time away from the screen include developing healthier relationships as you make time to connect with each other, increase physical activity and feeling calmer and more content!

7) Detox your shopping list. Think about what you put on there and try to avoid processed foods. Pop cottage cheese or a probiotic yoghurt on there instead – these can aid digestive health and play a role in boosting immunity.

Remember, it’s not about depriving yourself, the focus is on creating new habits that work for you. Let us know what works for you?

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