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These boots were made for walking: 7 wonders of walking.

We all know that getting outside is good for you and could probably list the benefits to our physical health before we had tied the shoelaces of our walking boots. So today our blog is going to focus on the lesser known benefits, with our top 7 wonders of walking list. Before we stride straight on in, just a few things we have learnt along the way for those beginners out there. Make sure you wear suitable footwear, and suitable trousers too now we come to think of it, actually just make sure you are suitably dressed full stop! There is nothing worse than being half way round and having wet feet (yes even if the weather is dry, the grass might not be!), wet trouser legs or indeed being too cold to enjoy it. Take water and snacks. Just trust us on this one. No-one wants to be a wild and hangry walking companion. Finally, stay safe when you explore – let someone know where you are going and what time to expect you back. Getting lost can happen!

The OutdoorCure top 7 wonders of walking

1) It’s a mood uplifter! A recent study showed that the positive effects (feeling happier and in good spirits) of a walk can last up to 7 hours!

2) It can increase your productivity. Regular walking can make you more active and energetic which will increase your productivity. So those of you who are thinking you don’t have time for a walk in your day, no excuse.

3) It can be used to connect with others. Whether you meet a friend or go with a loved one, walking is a great way to spend time together and get some positive energy going!

4) It increases creativity. This is one we have been exploring at OutdoorCure HQ. Walking helps to relax your brain and in turn helps you to think differently about a problem or situation. So, whether it be writer’s block or a problem you can’t solve, grab your boots and head outside.

5) It can act to delay aging – it strengthens muscles and bones which may help prevent many age-related problems.

6) A study by Japanese scientists revealed that walking helped to improve the memory of older patients, suggesting that the physical exercise in walking gave memory power a serious boost when compared to a sedentary lifestyle.

7) It’s a wonder whatever time of the day you chose to go – getting 10-15 minutes of morning sun is a great opportunity for your body to produce vitamin D (essential for bone strength and helps to prevent other serious illnesses), but if you don’t have the time in the morning, a walk after your evening meal aids digestion and supports a healthy digestive system.

So, what are you waiting for! Grab a pal and your boots and give walking a go. And remember the snacks, always remember the snacks (hangry free walking folks)!

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