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The OutdoorCure Guide to shaking things up outdoors!

Last week, the focus of our blog was the positive effects of being in the great outdoors. This week we are going to share some ideas with you of great ways to have fun and enjoy the great outdoors. Hopefully there is something in there for everybody! We want to inspire people to get up, get out and try something new because often, when we repeat the same habits, patterns or routines day in day out, they become so much of our norm that they don’t speak to us anymore. In short, we can be doing something simply because we always have. The reasons for doing it in the first place have been forgotten, or have changed or no longer exist because you or your circumstances have changed but still we continue to do it! So, with our fingers on the self-care pulse – knowing that being outdoors improves wellbeing – we want to challenge you to try something new this week. Make sure you take the time to notice how it makes you feel – before, during and afterwards. It’s time to shake things up and experience things anew!

The OutdoorCure Guide to shaking things up and doing something different outdoors:

1) Play: we take ourselves much too seriously sometimes so why not have some fun outdoors: make a daisy chain, build a den, play Poohsticks, just take your shoes and socks off and paddle in the stream. We dare you! How will you feel?

2) Adventure: plan a day or even just a few hours of adventure outside. Go somewhere new, pack a rucksack, make some hot chocolate outside, take a map, a compass (it’s a whole other story but check your compass actually works first!) and explore. What will you see and discover?

3) Learn: learn a new skill, something you wouldn’t normally think of doing. There are plenty of experiences you can book on to. Do some research online and think about the possibilities: archery, foraging, axe throwing, water sports, climbing, survival techniques. What will you discover about you?

4) Same but different: if you think your hobby or pastime is more of an indoor one, why not pack it all up and take it outside: yoga, writing, reading, colouring or painting. We can be flexible about where we do so many things but tend to forget this in our daily lives. How will your experience be different?

5) Animals: We share the great outdoors with so many beautiful animals and experiencing them outdoors can bring a whole new perspective: go deer spotting, birdwatching, book onto an organised animal experience such as trekking or learning more about them, take your dog for a wild walk and watch them experience the great outdoors. Has it increased your energy levels?

6) Variety: if you have a favourite outdoors space that you are drawn to, mix it up and experience others: mountains, forests, fields, rivers, waterfalls, the coast, or simply visit it at night or in a different season. The outdoors has so much variety to offer and each has a different feel. Will you find a new favourite?

7) Focus: Have a purpose outdoors: try a treasure hunt, you can set up your own for others, you could try geocaching or you could simply decide before you head out what it is you are looking for. What did you achieve?

There are so many different ways to experience the outdoors. Let us know what you decide to do or if you have anything else to add to the list!

The OutdoorCure Team x

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