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‘The more you learn, the more places you’ll go’ (Dr Seuss) The OutdoorCure Guide to Loving Learning

At OutdoorCure we are very curious of the world around us and are always keen to learn a new skill. As children we are constantly learning and have a fascination with the world we live in. As adults, if we don’t make the effort, this stops. We can take the world we live in for granted, or may be too busy with our day to day lives to learn a new skill. There are many, many benefits of staying curious and continuing to learn throughout our lifetime. This learning could take place at work or at home. It can take place inside or outdoors, and it could be about a variety of different subjects. If you are employed – learning and development in the workplace, or at home, gives you a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. It can increase confidence and wellbeing. If you are an employer, encouraging and supporting learning and development, both inside and outside the workplace can increase your staff’s wellbeing. Have a look at the list below and get promoting it!

The OutdoorCure Guide to Loving Learning and Devouring Development:

1) Learning a new skill helps you to learn things faster over time. Learning stimulates neurons in the brain, creating more neural pathways. Electrical impulses travel faster across these pathways as you attempt to process new information. The more pathways that are formed… the faster the impulses can travel.

2) Learning fuels creativity. Learning a new skill, or something new about a certain subject, can trigger ideas about another subject or area. Learning and creativity are the best of friends!

3) Learning something new increases your wellbeing by building confidence and a sense of self-efficacy.

4) When you learn something new, your mind and perceptions change. This, in turn, makes it easier to adapt more smoothly to the inevitable changes that life brings. The more varied your life experience, the more quickly you can adapt to change.

5) Learning can lead to social connections – either on the course you are taking, or it can lead to some interesting conversation with those around you. Social connections act to increase our wellbeing!

6) Learning a new skill combats boredom because your interest level is kept high. Instead of doing the same things over and over in a monotonous pattern, we learn something entirely different which breaks that cycle.

7) Learning brings opportunity – to develop and grow as an employee and also as an individual. This could lead to a new friendship, a promotion or an entirely different career.

Learning is so often overlooked – but remember to keep your curiosity alive and enjoy a lifetime of learning.

The OutdoorCure Team x

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