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The magic of owning a pet.

Lots of us are pet owners, in fact in the UK alone, it is estimated that a massive 51 million pets live in our homes! We care for our pets, ensure their needs are met and they have a huge hold on our hearts. They become part of our family and they have their own personalities. Recent conversations at OutdoorCure HQ have had us smiling at the antics of grumpy cats and filling our hearts full of the loving nature of dogs. How often though do you stop and think about the positive effect they have on our wellbeing? Today’s blog looks at our furry friends and the ways that they mood boost, stress bust and improve our wellbeing in general. Read on pet lovers…

The OutdoorCure Guide to the Therapeutic Awesomeness of Furry Friends

1) Stroking your pet releases ‘feel good’ hormones. Even just 15 minutes a day stroking a dog or cat releases serotonin. Most pets seek out the strokes for a lot longer than 15 minutes so next time your hand is about to drop off or you think you are at risk from a repetitive strain injury remember the benefit to you!

2) Pets help us to be mindful by living in the moment. They don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow; they are right there in the present moment. Spending time with a pet can help you to feel playful and carefree.

3) Pets need to be looked after. The act of caring for a dog, cat or even a smaller pet gives us a sense of purpose and meaning, therefore boosting our mental wellbeing.

4) Pets can keep you active. Owning a pet – particularly a dog – is likely to make you more active and increases time spent in the great outdoors! Walking also has the added bonus of improving your physical health as well as your mental health.

5) Pets make you more sociable as any dog owner knows. Sometimes it can seem impossible to walk even 10 metres without stopping for some dog chat. These interactions, no matter how small, can help to reduce loneliness and isolation.

6) Pets can help you to manage long term mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. They provide much needed companionship and support. Best of all – they don’t judge!

7) Pets can provide sensory stress relief in moments of acute stress or anxiety. Stroking a dog or cat lowers your blood pressure and helps you feel much calmer.

So next time you have some time with your pet – whether it is one on one time with cuddles and strokes, or a hike through the countryside, remember all the positive things that are happening for you!

The OutdoorCureOnline Team x

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