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Outdoorcure's Guide to improving & maintaining your mental wellbeing.

Here’s the thing about mental wellbeing – it is an active entity. It can change from month to month, day to day and sometimes from moment to moment. It also varies from person to person because we are all different. What can affect one person, may have very little impact on another. We all have times where our mental wellbeing is low – maybe through stress, depression or a life event that has a negative impact. It is easy to feel as though you have no control over your mood and then it can feel even harder to take steps to look after ourselves. The focus on today’s blog is some easy steps you can take to maintain your mental wellbeing – wherever you are on the scale right now. It may be that you are taking one to improve your mood or wellbeing, but it is just as important to take steps to maintain your mental wellbeing. With practice this can become a natural part of your week and one that has all round lasting benefits.

The OutdoorCure Guide to your Wellbeing Workout (no gym required)

1) Connect. Remember humans are social animals and strong relationships build a sense of belonging and self worth that has a profoundly positive effect on mental wellbeing. Family, friends, colleagues, neighbours or your local shopkeeper – these all count so take the time to connect even via text or email.

2) Find your passion. Spend time doing that one thing you love and that sets your soul alight. Often day to day life gets in the way of these things so schedule in some time if needed and stick to it. Take note of how you feel afterwards.

3) Get active. Whatever you can do, do it. Walk, cycle, do a 10 minute workout at home or dance around to your favourite tune. It really doesn’t matter what you do!

4) Learn. Learning new skills brings with it a sense of achievement and gives you a confidence boost. There are plenty of opportunities out there so get researching what is available online or in your local area.

5) Give something back. No matter how small – a smile or a kind word, help someone out or look at volunteering roles in your community. Giving can bring a sense of purpose and make you feel happier and more satisfied with life.

6) Take action. Look at what is out there to support your mental wellbeing whether it is a focus journal, an online course or a group you can get involved in. Put the time into it in the same way you would look after your physical wellbeing.

7) Be mindful. Be more aware of the present moment – your feelings, senses, body and the world around you. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by everything else going on so bringing it back to the present moment and being mindful can help you to enjoy life more and understand yourself better.

Don’t forget your mental wellbeing when you think about what you want from your week!

The OutdoorCureOnline Team x

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