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Hello Wellbeing, Goodbye Stress: The OutdoorCure Guide to Boosting Wellbeing

Increasing and maintaining wellbeing helps build resilience to stressful situations. How can we make wellbeing a focus when we are caught up on the daily hamster wheel of stress at work? In times of stress we often feel overwhelmed and trapped with very little time to do anything else. In fact, the thought of making time for wellbeing might seem like one more thing to add to a very long to-do list. Even if you can not remove the source of stress from your life, one of the best ways to minimise the harmful impact of stress on your body and mind is to take charge of your personal wellbeing. We have put together some simple steps that you can put in place into your working day to help!

The OutdoorCure Guide to Giving Your Wellbeing a Boost:

1) Remember to eat: Changes in blood sugar levels are linked to mood and energy. If you are not taking the time to eat properly you will feel tired, irritable and have poor concentration.

2) Watch your alcohol intake: it is easy to fall into unhelpful behavioural patterns in times of stress. Remember that alcohol can cause depressive feelings and heighten anxiety which will in turn add to your stress load.

3) Distraction can be helpful: it’s not always a cop out, if you are feeling stuck with a task or problem, switch off from it completely and do something else. When you return to it, it will feel more manageable and you will feel refreshed.

4) Ask for help: know when you need to ask for help. When you are stressed or low in mood it is easy to think negatively about yourself and be less able or likely to seek support. Take the time to talk to people you trust or a professional to help lighten your load.

5) Learn to take time out: relaxation and doing very little is something we as a society are not very good at, but giving your mind and body a rest will improve your wellbeing, increase your resilience to stress and boost your energy levels.

6) Stay connected with the things you enjoy: if you are feeling stressed, you can often loose touch with activities that give you pleasure, taking the time to do them keeps you connected with the positive aspects of life.

7) Self help: Use online resources or books that offer information, advice and guidance. We have our very own online wellbeing course here at OutdoorCure that all our staff have completed. Contact us on info@outdoorcure.com for more information!

Let’s make this a wellbeing week!

The OutdoorCure Team x

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