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“Healing takes courage, & we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it” Tori Amos

The subject of emotional healing has been whizzing around OutdoorCure HQ over the past week or so. It is a subject close to our hearts as it is so often the forgotten counterpart in healing from a life changing illness, accident or event. The focus is on the situation, the physicality, the rush to return to normality or simply to get to safety, but the emotional scars and the trauma can remain for a long time afterwards. Healing takes courage, strength and patience. You can have the support of others but it is essentially you that has to take the lead. It is not always a linear progression. It can be slow, painful and hard work. So… we did a bit of a brainstorm and thought we would share the ideas with


The OutdoorCure Guide to Emotional Healing Like a Ninja

1) Take it one step at a time. So often we all decide to take the plunge and run headlong into it expecting it all to happen hard and fast. When it doesn’t, it is all too tempting to write it off

as another failure and give up. We fall hard. So, take smaller steps, take time to reflect on

why this is important to you and what it would look like when it has happened.

2) Emotional pain is just as real as physical pain. And on top of that it can exacerbate or cause anxiety, depression and low self-worth (just to name a few). So, look at strategies that help you manage these things, be it mindful colouring, a walk or a self-care activity. These

strategies need to be in your healing tool box.

3) Be authentic to you. The objective is not to live an incongruent life or someone else’s life.

Set your own boundaries, dress how you want to, pursue your own likes and know your own

values. Walking someone else’s path is likely not to heal you in a way that is meaningful to


4) Live with meaning. Instead of succumbing to the overthinking or the torrent of unhelpful or negative thoughts – replace them. State your objective out loud “today I will do some

writing” or “now I am going to work on my business idea”. Will you feel daft at first?

Absolutely, but it will help to focus you and your runaway mind.

5) Remember that setbacks and slow progress are all part of the journey… like that tricky part before you get t the top of the mountain. Life, emotions, circumstances, mood, hormones – there are plenty of variables in life. They will all play a part and you can’t control them. Don’t view the bad hour, day, week or even longer as the end of the journey!

6) Let love in. Love is a great big source of power and strength and light. It really is positive and energising. So, love and let yourself be loved. It will give you a huge helping hand and make you feel happier and warmer. All healing is easier with love about.

7) Avoid the temptation to wallow in the past and go over and over it. Challenge yourself to

accept as best you can and let go… and don’t let others behaviour or words drag you back

there once you have moved.

Let us know if you have any ideas to add.

The OutdoorCure Teamx

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