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Getting Outside in Your Working Day

Today’s working environment – be this back in the office or working from home - mean that we spend less time than ever outdoors in our working day. However, natural light and fresh air can boost the immune system and support employee’s wellbeing as it helps us to sleep better and feel less stressed. In turn, this means fewer sick days and staff who are physically and emotionally happier and healthier. Even a short walk outside has the benefits of lowering blood pressure, boosting energy and improving mood. So how can we, as employers or employees get more outside time into our working day? We have put together our list of 7 ways to spend more time outside in our working day. Why not experiment with what works for you… make sure you take the time to check in with how you feel before and afterwards!

The OutdoorCure Guide to Getting Outside in Your Working Day:

1) Make the outdoors your office. If you have the flexibility of here you work why not take your office outside. This could be your garden or a local park and it really doesn’t require much forward planning – especially in the summer months. It could even be a coffee shop with a patio! You may find there are less distraction than in your usual working environment, with the added benefits of relaxation and vitamin D.

2) If you really can’t work outside – don’t forget the obvious – use your lunch break to eat outdoors weather permitting or have a short walk round in the colder months. You will return to work for the afternoon feeling refreshed and with more energy!

3) Our favourite – instead of sitting down round a table for your meeting, why not get up and outside and have a walking meeting. Great for getting oxygenated blood round your body and improving creativity and problem solving.

4) Make part of your commute outdoors time – get off the bus a stop earlier, park a little further away and make walking a part of your journey. You will arrive at the office refreshed and ready to start the day and will be less likely to take work home with you.

5) Take every opportunity you can – if you have a business call to make – is it possible to walk and talk?

6) If it is absolutely impossible to get outdoors in your working day – our last two tips are for you… don’t forget to bring nature inside. Have plants on your desk and around the office. The green really does help… aaaaaaaand……

7) Try and let as much natural light and fresh air in as possible. Can you have the window open instead of the air conditioning on? Can you move the office space round to take advantage of the natural light coming in through the windows?

Make this week the week that you start to get more outside time in your working day and let us know how you feel!

The OutdoorCure Team x

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