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Feeling stressed all the time? Overwhelmed and don't know what to do first?

Unless you are a very fortunate (or extremely laid back) person, chances are you will experience stressful events in your life. Sometimes these can be “positive” events such as starting a new job or moving house; other times they can be horrifically painful, like losing someone you love.

We are all aware of the signs and symptoms of stress, for example - sleepless nights, headaches, anxiety and many, many more… but what happens if we have a prolonged period of stress or several stressful events back to back..? If it is connected to a specific event, it may even be that the stress you are under will not reduce until that event has taken place.

Discussions were underway at OutdoorCure HQ about this recently and we decided upon a different approach that we wanted to share with you. The approach was this: if you imagine your stressful event is a sporting event for a moment – we picked a boxing match – and if you knew this sporting event was coming, you would do everything you could to ensure your body and mind were as fit as they could be so you could give it your all. This is where we decided to employ self care techniques to ensure that our body and mind were as fit as they could be so we were dealing with the stressful event with the most emotional strength we could. Here are some hints and tips from our:

OutdoorCure Stress Reduction Training Plan

1) Eat a healthy, balanced diet – yep this is an old favourite and nothing new but the reason it is an old favourite is because it’s true. If you are skipping meals because you are too stressed, or having more caffeine or alcohol you are not giving your body it’s best fighting chance to support your mind!

2) Get some physical exercise outdoors if possible. It doesn’t matter whether you run, skip, walk or hop – get active within your capabilities and get outdoors. The feel good factors that this will bring will help to reduce your stress levels.

3) Learn what helps relieve your stress in the moment – it might be a shower, a gym session or blasting some music. Experiment and discover what works for you so that if you feel your stress levels are rising, you are in control of bringing them down to a more manageable level.

4) Manage your time effectively. This may include saying no to things that put you under a time pressure. When you are operating under stress levels you may find you do not have the same resources for things you used to. That is ok. Give yourself a break and say no without feeling guilty.

5) Connect with positive people. We go on about this all the time! Those people who are the sunshine in your life – grab them and connect. Maybe go for a walk with them and get some outdoors time too.

6) Take control of your environment. You may well find that if you are under a lot of stress that you can not cope with things in the way you usually would. You may need to turn the television down or keep on top of the housework for example – if you can, reduce the stressful environmental factors around you.

7) Create a positive and simple morning and evening routine – this way you will be giving yourself the best chance of having a productive day and also getting as much sleep as you can. Write one out and adapt it as needed to find what works best for you!

We are off to write our own stress reduction training plans now!

If you are local to the Staffordshire area and are looking for some support to get through a stressful period of your life, OutdoorCure can support you with this. We have been providing coaching and counselling in the outdoors with Walk and Talk Therapy since 2016. Interested? Book a free telephone appointment NOW to find out more.

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