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"Fear is holding me back"- How to get back in control and make that change.

Fear – whether it is a direct acute fear, or one that sneaks up on you quietly – can have a profoundly negative affect on the way you live your life. It might be that it causes severe anxiety, or stops you from doing certain things. It might be causing you to overthink or an increase in stress levels. Fear can be a sneaky little monster, and often we don’t realise it has snuck into our lives. So how can we explore and learn to accept our fears so we can take back control? Give our handy little ‘top tip’ guide below a read to find out.

The OutdoorCure guide to Looking Your Fear in the Eyes.

1) Get to know your fears. Often we try and suppress or block our fears because of how they

make us feel. It can be useful to make a list and explore your fears. Try and discover where

they come from and if you can, discuss the likelihood of the fear becoming a reality with

someone you trust.

2) Bring it back to the moment and break it down in to steps. Are you fearful of something that is months away from happening? Bring yourself back to the present moment. What is the next step that you can take today that may help when you get to that moment? Being

proactive, even if it is hard to, can make us feel more in control.

3) Know and trust deeply that pain can bring valuable life experience and insight. No-one wants to be in pain or to face that fear head on, but strength can be found in knowing that you can learn and grow from what happens. Overcoming a challenging situation can bring successes in the future.

4) Practice self-care. Fear is one of those tricky emotions that has an effect on us physically.

Self-care strategies can help to minimise the likelihood of fear manifesting as long-term

depression, for example.

5) Know your own power! We all doubt our ability to get through difficult times, but know that you have got through so far and if you take it one step at a time, trust in yourself.

6) Reboot your mornings. The mornings set us up for the day so if you are starting off your day in a way that is not helpful to you right now, give your morning routine a rejig! Have your

coffee outside, have a mindful shower focusing on the sensory experience or do some yoga.

It really can help you to start of your day in a positive, strong way.

7) Let the positive in. Hang out with people who bring positivity into your life. They are the

people who get things done and feed you positive energy. Not sure who they are?

Check in with yourself before and after you spend time with someone… you will soon work it out.

We hope you find this handy guide helpful. If you are local to the Staffordshire area and are looking to make a change in your life we can help! OutdoorCure have been providing coaching and counselling in the great outdoors since 2016 and can help you to overcome obstacles that are holding you back. If you would like to find out more you can book your free telephone appointment NOW.

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