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Experiencing the Great Outdoors with a Difference

November through to March often has miserable weather in the UK. A combination of the bad weather and the shorter, darker days make it harder to experience the outdoors for long periods of time, if at all. So, if you’re struggling to find your outdoors mojo, we have compiled a list of some lesser known outdoors experiences to get you fizzing with anticipation. We are on the downward slope now; shifting seasons and better weather are around the corner – it’s time to get researching and planning your next outdoors adventure and to try something different and new. See our list below for some inspiration!

The OutdoorCure Guide to Experiencing the Great Outdoors with a Difference

1) Via Ferrata – this is Italian for “iron way” and is basically a mountain route equipped with steel cables, ladder, wooden walkways and suspended bridges. You can do this in the UK or abroad. Experience breathtaking scenery and a thrilling, exhilarating adventure.

2) Orienteering – this is something you can do relatively cheaply by arming yourself with an OS map and a compass (top tip from OutdoorCure – do make sure your compass works… but that’s a whole other blog in the story 😊) Explore the great outdoors and learn a new skill at the same time. (Remember to follow the relevant safety procedures)

3) Guided Walking – if you love walking but lack the confidence to go it alone then search online for a guided walk that suits your fitness level and enjoy discovering a new place with another perspective.

4) Foraging Course – these make a great gift or new experience. Discover what grows where and what is safe to eat, and experience the countryside in a whole new way!

5) Packrafting – by packing up a small stowable boat in a rucksack and heading out into the wilderness you can get to places that are too remote to reach by foot and discover rare places.

6) Birdwatching – Again, another skill that you can learn cheaply – get a book from the library and set out spotting. You can sign up for an introductory course too and start to learn more about the great outdoors around us.

7) Windsurfing – a completely different sport to surfing or bodyboarding and a fantastic way to experience the coast. You can get a beginner’s lesson, pick up some top tips and find out if it is the sport for you!

We hope that some of these activities have made you want to get out there and experience things anew. Hang on 2022… we’re coming for you…!

The OutdoorCure Team x

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