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Enjoy the Ride Read: The OutdoorCure Guide to the Benefits of Reading.

At OutdoorCure HQ, reading is on the self-care plan of many. Whether it is a fiction book, personal development book or simply a quick hit article, reading scores high on the wellbeing list. This is not surprising and a good book is often one of the first things we will take on holiday with us. We often hear clients say that a holiday is the only time they get to read. Well we want to start a reading revolution. If you’re an avid reader, read on with the blog and give yourself all of the creds for your wellbeing workout through words. If you would love to have more time to read, perhaps the benefits below will convince you to put reading higher up your priority list!

The OutdoorCure Guide to Reading for Wellbeing

1) It can bring you peace. Alongside being a tranquil and relaxing pastime, you can also read about a subject that will bring you inner peace and calm.

2) Reading helps you to flex your memory muscles. When you are reading a book – you have to remember lots of information: characters, their history, storylines. It’s a memory workout!

3) It expands your vocabulary thus aiding your communication skills – this comes in handy for forging supportive and balanced relationships and friendships.

4) ‘The more that you read the more things you will know..’ (Dr Seuss) The more you read the more information you take in. You are constantly learning and the more knowledge you have, the better equipped you are to face challenges that you might encounter.

5) It reduces stress. You can lose yourself in a good story and forget (even just temporarily) about the stressors you have in your daily life. It keeps you in the present moment and allows you to relax.

6) Reading enhances your imagination and allows you to think more creatively and analytically. In this way it can help you to think about and take steps towards your life goals.

7) Reading improves empathy and offers us the ability to connect with those around us. You can take this further and join a book club to get the social aspect too!

Get yourself reading for wellbeing! Don’t forget you can hit up your local library or listen to an audiobook too.

The OutdoorCure Team x

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