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Creating a Climate Change Wave at Work

We hear about climate change frequently at the moment and there are plenty of changes we can make to our daily life to reduce our carbon footprint and impact we are having on the world. However, it is much harder to make these changes at work. Sometimes the shortcuts we take at work – to save time or to make a process easier are not the most eco-conscious choices we could make. There are other pressures such as budget restraints, getting your team mates on board and thinking differently about existing processes. If you are looking to make some small changes at work – we have put together a handy guide to get you started.

The OutdoorCure Guide to Creating a Climate Change Wave at Work:

1) Turn everything off on leaving your place of work. Electronics, lighting and heating. To get everyone on board and remembering you could get people to contribute to a ‘green jar’ if they forget (think of it like an alternative ‘swear jar’)

2) Go paperless. Can it be done digitally? Reduce the paper use in your office and you will save money as well as the environment. If you have to print something, make sure you precycle (create a scrap paper notebook for telephone messages) and recycle.

3) Go green on your desk and bring a plant in. This is not just a way to make your desk space look prettier. Plants produce more oxygen which can help to offset any chemicals released by office furniture.

4) Ditch the air con as often as you can. It is often impossible to set the thermostat at a temperature that pleases everybody anyway. So ask your colleagues to think differently – could they open a window or put a jumper on?

5) Have commuting conversations with your team mates – could your car share (saving on petrol and parking costs too), walk or use an alternative method of transport?

6) Replace disposable kitchen utensils – plastic cups, straws or plates with a sustainable alternative. This is a really simple change to implement and it is amazing how many plastic cups are used in one day.

7) Set monthly ‘green challenges’ for your work colleagues. These can be really fun ways to get important conversations happening, share information and get your team working together to achieve something.

We hope you found something in our guide to get you started! Good luck and let us know how you get on.

The OutdoorCure Team x

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