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Bring Wellbeing back into the Workplace

So, you’ve had an idea to introduce wellbeing into your workplace. You might be a manager, a wellbeing ‘champion’ or simply someone who would like to see a change in your office. It doesn’t matter why you’re reading… just know we are here to help. It can be hard to introduce a new idea. It can be equally as hard to try and reintroduce an idea that has been brought up before and has died a death. So, the first thing you’re going to need to pack in your wellbeing backpack is a big deep breath and a little bit of courage. The next thing you need to pack is the willingness to think simple and to think different. There is a reason for this! Sometimes we can get so carried away with a new idea that we throw everything into it without getting the basics right…annnnnd to get the basics right, sometimes a little bit of thinking outside the box is required. If you are looking for simple and different ways to enhance, then have a read of our quick guide below:

The OutdoorCure Guide to Winding Wellbeing into the Workplace

1) Create a ‘community’ noticeboard – share recipes, anecdotes, successes and even requests to loan an item! This creates a sense of belonging which has a huge positive impact on your wellbeing.

2) Get involved in a volunteering project together as a team and work together as a team to achieve what you set out to do for the chosen cause or charity.

3) Put a ‘quote of the day’ up – these often make people smile or inspire and motivate them. Take it in turns to choose your favourites!

4) If you can, offer a day’s flexible working and leave it up to the individual employee where they work from.

5) Encourage the team to put a creative area together and inject some personality in to it. Leave it up to them what it is used for… social area, break times or an alternative work area.

6) Depending on the preference of your team, create a book or DVD exchange/library area.

7) The most simple one of all… say a genuine ‘thank you’ to your colleagues/team so they feel seen, appreciated and valued. Trust us, it will do wonders!

Implement some of our suggestions this week and check in with how your team are feeling.

The OutdoorCure Team x

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