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Bored, stuck in the same old life? Do all your days feel the same?

Are you looking for something different? Do all your days roll by in a blur of sameness where nothing exciting seems to happen? This is a common theme for many people but often they do not want to complain about it in case they sound ungrateful.

It might be time to take stock of your average week and try to build in something a little different, something a step aside from the norm. When we think about the different ways that we relax and take time out of our ‘everyday’ lives, roles or routines, it is often a holiday that springs to mind. We agree – wholeheartedly agree – but here at OutdoorCure HQ we like to take that think different approach and often take that ‘holiday’ concept and turn it into mini adventures. There is a lot to be said for adventuring. We tend to lose the spirit and impetus to adventure when we become adults and with it, we lose a whole load of other benefits. This blog is dedicated to the messy, unruly, wild spirit of adventuring. Remember, the magic of adventures is that they can be anywhere, any length, planned or impromptu, any season, alone or with your other. So, give our top 7 benefits of adventuring a read, grab your adventure bag and… LET’S GO!

The OutdoorCure List of Benefits to Adventuring Through Life

1) Adventure offers meaningful and life changing experiences. When you adventure, you open yourself up to different experiences, people and perspectives and from this you can find meaning, gain understanding and grow.

2) Going on adventures raises your tolerance to uncertainty! Things don’t always go as planned and adventuring where you might get lost, have to think outside the box or be imaginative gives you some epic life skills.

3) Adventuring feeds your dreams and gives you the confidence that you can achieve things by giving you a gentle push outside your comfort zone. Who knows what is round the next corner and what you will discover about yourself?

4) It has no limits and no expectations; you can just be. Adventuring does not require you to be a certain age or a certain way. This is a very freeing experience. Just go be.

5) Spending time outdoors is sooooooooo good for you. Yes we go on and on – it reduces stress, is an easy way to exercise and is rejuvenating… just to mention a few.

6) Adventuring lets you experience and try different ways to live. Always fancied living in a cabin in the woods? Go and have a cabin adventure. So many different ways to live.

7) You get to relive your adventure stories! This one is massive. You know all those times something horrible happens to you and you retell it 971 times and it gets bigger and all those horrible feelings can resurface? Well now imagine retelling your adventures and all the exciting, happy feelings that will illicit.

Here’s to hoping no one is still reading and you’re all packing your adventure bags…

If you are local to the Staffordshire area and are looking to move forward, embrace your life or make a change, OutdoorCure can support you with this. We have been providing coaching and therapy in the great outdoors since 2016 and our clients love our different approach. Ready to make the change? Book a free telephone consultation NOW.

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