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“Be the Change That You Wish to See in the World” (Gandhi): Take Your Wellbeing Approach to Work.

We all have our own individual skills, experience and strengths. Our life experiences, learning, hobbies and values shape these. When we are in the workplace we often focus on our ‘workplace’ skills and share very little of what we do outside work. It can often be a shock to find that Susan from Marketing has a passion for white water rafting, or that Kate writes poetry in her spare time. While many of us have got to embrace a more ‘professional’ side to us while at work, it can do lots for our wellbeing at work to stay true to who we are.

The OutdoorCure Guide to the Benefits of Being More You at Work

1) Being you is your superpower. No-one else is you, so if you are authentic, your unique qualities and strengths will shine through.

2) Being aware of your values and who you are will boost your confidence. This self belief will shine through at work.

3) Staying true to yourself will ensure that the career choices you make are in line with your core values. This will make for longer term satisfaction at work.

4) When you are open and honest at work it encourages others to be so too, this allows for a more tolerant and inclusive place to work, increasing employee wellbeing.

5) You will have different conversations with colleagues and may find shared or similar interests, this will increase a sense of belonging and connection in the office as truer relationships are built.

6) Authenticity inspires loyalty and engagement. When you are being more you at work your passion and self confidence will inspire others to follow your lead. Authenticity improves your leadership skills.

7) You can build a more social and interactive environment. If we embrace each other’s unique skills and strengths, we can tap into those and use them in a positive way that helps to build a great team. You could arrange and event, share information and celebrate each other’s successes in and out of the workplace.

Are you true to yourself in the workplace? Let us know in the comments.

The OutdoorCure Team x

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