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“Sleep is the best meditation” (Dalai Lama) The OutdoorCure Guide to Sleep Hygiene.

With the clock change, a blog on sleep hygiene seemed kinda topical. For all the great sleepers out there, the clocks changing may not have had too much of an impact. For all the disturbed sleep sleepers out there, it can knock an already precarious sleep pattern into disarray! If there is one thing we know at OutdoorCure HQ it’s that sleep matters. Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important to our wellbeing as eating healthily and exercising are. If you don’t believe us – a quick internet search will give you an overview and probably make you want to head to bed that very second to reap the benefits. For today’s blog we compiled a list of our favourite sleep hygiene tricks and tips for your perusal.

The OutdoorCure Guide to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

1) Change your mindset. If you refer to yourself as a poor/bad sleeper – stop with immediate effect. If you tell yourself you’re a bad sleeper, you are simply reaffirming that self belief and chances are, it will remain your truth.

2) Avoid large meals for several hours before bed! We all know to avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed but many of us forget that the same applies to large meals. Yes, we know they can make you feel sleepy but trust us, your sleep will be disturbed as your body is going through the digestion process.

3) Be an early exerciser. Exercise and being physically active gives you the best possible chance of a good night’s sleep but make sure you don’t do it too late at night. Exercise stimulates the body and produces cortisol which makes us more alert. Finish exercising AT LEAST 3 hours before bedtime.

4) Design your own pre-bed routine making sure it’s calming and relaxing. Have a bath, read, watch television even – whatever helps you to relax. Avoid engaging in anything that spikes your stress levels whether this be a horror film, difficult conversations or work emails.

5) Stick to a rough routine. Yep boring we know but it really does help to ‘train’ your body and mind that this is now a quieter time, this is time for rest and sleep and this is awake time. Figure out what works for you beforehand and then be strict with yourself.

6) Use natural light as your friend. This is a tricky one to say in the autumn/winter months but let the light in first thing in the morning, take a walk outdoors on your lunch break and let nature do its thing.

7) Don’t miss your sleep window. This is a favourite at OutdoorCure HQ. Go to sleep when you are tired at night. Don’t be a hero and push through to get more tasks done, you will end up forcing your body to wake up. Equally as important, don’t try for sleep when you are not tired – the frustration this will cause you may keep you awake.

Good luck and good night,

The OutdoorCure Team x

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