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Are you looking for simple changes you can make to help the environment?

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a strange hiatus in sustainability progress. While on the one hand, the travel restrictions had a positive effect on air pollution, we simultaneously saw a rise in the use of single use plastics for PPE. Then there were the more subtle changes...many major companies also put a temporary ban on bringing your own reusable coffee mugs. At OutdoorCure, we felt the impact when the shop we used to refill our bottles closed throughout lockdown and never reopened. It had started to feel like a bit of backwards step. We always try and consider the environment in whatever we do and play our part in looking after the world we live in. With this in mind, we spent some time this week to put down in words, the simple steps we are taking to play our part in protecting the environment now that things have shifted towards normality.

7 small steps to take to stay green

1) Brew up at home and take it with you – tea, coffee, hot chocolate – be creative in what you make and have it to go.

2) Don’t forget your reusable straw. We recently invested in some stainless steel straws that can be used time and time again. You can even get travel ones to pop in your pocket. Make sure you buy separate straws and mark them so you know which is yours!

3) You can buy fabric, washable facemasks but if you have to, have to, have to still use disposable ones, make sure you cut the straps off them as they cause problems for marine life!

4) Shop local and shop different. Many village markets have popped up following the pandemic –use and support them. Take bags with you and you will also find that they use a lot less plastic than the supermarkets do.

5) Join a local environmental group or organise something yourself in your community… a litter pick for example.

6) Think before you get in the car… we are still travelling less than before; it might be you are working from home or only travelling for essential reasons. So if you’re heading out for the day close to home – consider an alternative method – can you walk or cycle?

7) If you are in the house more than before, give your routine some thinking about. Put a jumper on before turning up the heating, make sure you turn off lights as you leave the room and turn off appliances rather than leave them on standby.

Is there any else you are doing?? Let us know!

The OutdoorCure Team x

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