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‘…and then I lost my left shoe’ – The OutdoorCureOnline Guide to Un-mess your mornings

I recently received a copy of ‘Five Minutes in the Morning: A Focus Journal’ as a gift. It may shock you to know that not all members of the OutdoorCureOnline team have got life nailed, but anyone who knows me, works with me or indeed has the misfortune of crossing my path in the mornings can tell you that my mornings leave a lot to be desired. Amidst all the chaos I can quite honestly say that the prospect of having even five extra minutes seemed like quite an unlikely event.

At the end of last year, I pondered the rather messy unroutine of my mornings and decided it was time for a change. My mornings were going to get an overhaul, and the cranky-chaotic-coffee drinking-carnival they had become, where my heart rate was pushing 160 as I marched towards a victorious opening of the car door only to discover I had forgotten my bag, laptop or indeed my left shoe, were about to become something quite different.

The OutdoorCureOnline top 7 tips to un-mess your mornings:

v Get in the shower! This may sound obvious to all you morning showerers out there, but a morning shower grounds us and brings us back to the here and now.

v Use your shower time wisely! “Whaaaaaaat?” we hear even the most committed morning showerers say. No, we’re not going to tell you what order you should wash in, but we are going to tell you that you can use the time to enhance your day. What is your end in mind for today? Remember the OutdoorCure motto – ‘Think different, Think simple’. Is there something in your day for you? Something that is important to you and meets your values?

v Get inspired! If you have a quote that motivates you and really does resonate with you, write it down and leave it in an easily accessible place. Read it and let yourself feel it. It will focus you on the days when you need a boost.

v If you can, prepare your breakfast the night before. At OutdoorCure we have recently discovered the wonder of overnight oats. Having a breakfast planned or prepared reduces the likelihood of you reaching for the biscuit tin or having an energy crash later in the morning.

v Spend time thinking about what activities you both need and want to get done before you leave the house. Allocate a realistic amount of time for them. Can you fit them in? All too often we see people try and cram too much in before they leave the house. We would all like to do yoga, go for a run, pluck our eyebrows, nail the week’s ironing, and read a chapter of our self-development book before we leave the house but if time is limited you set yourself up to fail before your alarm even goes off. Remember – ‘Think different, Think simple’.

v Steer clear of social media. Not only is ‘I was watching videos of dogs wearing trilby hats doing backflips over duckponds’ a really bad excuse for being late, social media’s comparison lifestyle game can drain our emotional energy before we are even dressed.

v Another essential item on the list – get organised! Pack your bag the night before, get together everything you need to take with you. Pay attention to how you feel when you do this and the effect that an organised morning has on your outlook.

For us, the difference is getting to know how you feel when you are experiencing a less frantic rushed morning. This will help you to embed your new routines in a positive way that you can commit to and actually feel the benefits of. Share your tips with us - what helps you to have a better morning?

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