Since OutdoorCure was founded in 2016 we have had queries from people from all over the world who have wanted to access our unique style of support and from this,  OutdoorCureOnline was born. In short, we wanted to build a supportive, happy and inclusive online community that both raises a smile and offers practical and simple advice. OutdoorCureOnline is a Workplace Wellbeing resource for small to medium businesses. You can access our support either as an employer or an employee. We offer online courses and coaching packages aimed at supporting employee wellbeing. There are many benefits to focusing on wellbeing in the workplace, studies have shown an increase in staff retention, a reduction in staff absence and increased productivity!

The difference with our training courses is the experience, strategies and advice we offer has a psychological underpinning. We also offer online coaching services in personal development, career coaching and health coaching. As vocational rehabilitation specialists we can support with return to work packages and absence management.

Our current workplace wellbeing course 'Kind Mind' is a personal development course aimed at increasing your awareness on self care, learning to listen to yourself and being more compassionate towards yourself. We have had a lot of positive feedback about this course and it is certainly one of our favourites! To find out more please click HERE

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